Insurer Service


Global InPart provides the Insurer with an audit trail of all parts used in the repair process.

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Parts Service

Parts Seller

Global InPart is a secure platform allowing the Part Seller to trade with their Workshop customers in real-time digitally.

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Workshop Service


Global InPart connects the Workshop to their parts suppliers for live parts enquiries, stock availability and ordering, in real time.

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Global InPart has revolutionised the parts ordering process between workshops and parts sellers, making traditional methods of telephoning, emailing or even faxing for price, parts availability and delivery times, obsolete.

Global InPart enables price & stock enquiries in real time, receiving instant response.

Allowing buy decisions to be faster, cutting processing time, removing human error and driving cost efficiencies through the workshops and part sellers.

And for the car owner .. Key2key times just got reduced too!

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